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Singing Heart Sangha

Inspirations evenings

We are a group here in Copenhagen, meeting occasionally to meditate and support Jacqueline's work. When we meet, we start by chanting the Gayatri, then there will be a longer meditation. So we do something to help bring the body, feelings and thoughts more in balance.

After a cup of tea and a break we chant Medicine Buddha mantra followed by a short meditation. Before the break there is time for questions and possible messages from Jacqueline.

All are welcome to come, whether you know Jacqueline or not. Please arrive 5-10 min before we start.

Location: At Deva Suchata Stenlillevej 17 in Husum (2700 Bronshoej)

Registration required at tel. 3881 2005 or send an SMS to 6080 7937

Dates: Every other Wednesday at 19.00 hours - equal number weeks only.

OBS!  Jacqueline will hold satsang again on Wed. 19th October at 19.00 hours as usual. This will be her final satsang before she leaves Denmark for some months.

You can always check this page for dates and changes. under the menu: Sangha

Denmark contact:

thecosmicairport@ (Remember to remove the space before gmail)